Sunrise Kayak Tour

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Children ages 6 to 14 must participate with an adult.

Adult Ages 15+
Child Ages 6-14

Sunrise Kayak Tour

The early bird truly catches the worm on this tour as you’ll experience Port Stephens at its best. More often than not, the water is at its most tranquil at daybreak and the wildlife is at its most playful and these are two great reasons to hop out of bed early to experience this short but sweet journey. Seize the day and beat the crowds for a morning of discovery and colour. Highly recommended during the summer high season.

Please note the following important tour information:

  • WE ONLY USE DOUBLE “SIT ON TOP” KAYAKS on our Kayak Tours, however Single Sit On Top’s are available for solo participants or one member of odd numbered groups. Having said this, if you prefer to paddle a Single Kayak, please let us know upon booking and we’ll see what we can do for you. Cushioned backrests are provided. “Sit In” Kayaks are NOT available.
  • SWIMMING ABILITY is essential for Adults and preferred with Children.
  • DOLPHINS and other wildlife sightings happen often, but are NOT GUARANTEED.
  • PLEASE CONSIDER that all tours are of moderate to long paddling distance, and go quite a distance off the shoreline.
  • ALL TOURS are subject to weather/sea condition and availability.


Tours depart from Shoal Bay or Nelson Bay depending on weather and season. We’ll let you know the exact departure location the day before the tour.