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Mini Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Adult 15+
Child 10 to 14 yrs
Adult 18 + & Child 6 to 9 yrs Share Double Kayak

Mini Kayak Tour- Shoal Bay, Port Stephens.

Join us and have fun kayaking the idyllic waters of Shoal Bay!! This short 1 hr tour is designed for first time kayakers, or people who prefer to paddle with a guide. Its is a cross between a tour and a lesson which ensures a safe and secure entry or transition into the sport of kayaking. A mix of fun, thrill and adventure will get the better of you on this tour, and it will build a thirst for further kayaking adventures.

Our experienced Instructor will help you with kayak techniques and handy skills which will help build confidence and provide you with skills to help you progress further into kayaking. To add to this, your guide will lead you on a circuit of Shoal Bay which will offer a majestic on water perspective of this immense waterway, plus provide a chance to encounter local dolphins and other wildlife.

Unlike our other tours, swimming is not essential on this tour as we’ll plan our paddling route close within the bay but, adults will be requred to paddle a single kayak, as we feel this is the preferred way to learn paddling techniques before moving onto learning to sync with a partner in a double kayak. This being said, children ages 6 to 9 years must be assisted by a Parent/Guardian in a double kayak.

Departure dates for this 1 hr tour are limited. Please check our booking calendar for availability.